Business Security Officer

We are looking for a Business Security Officer to join our team

We are looking for our new Business Security Office as our current one is moving to other challenges within Telenor. Reporting to the COO you will be the one having the overall expertise in Security at Telenor Connexion. You will support and drive Telenor Connexion to be a Security conscious company that both maintain and develops its way of work with security
You will be responsible for managing and driving the work with information security at Telenor Connexion and will be the contact person within these areas for the all employees and managers.
You are expected to be self-driven and engaged in the area of security. You must stay firm during hectic periods and keep focus when everything is quiet. You will be the face of Security both internally and externally, and in this respect, you must be articulated, clear, and be able to think on your feet.
You will provide guidance and counsel to key members of Telenor Connexion’s leadership team on security topics.

Main responsibilities:
• Implement and manage Telenor Connexion security strategy
• Responsible for security-related policies and supporting documents
• Be the subject matter expert and coordinator within security
• Perform security reviews
• Own and communicate the local security risk picture
• Establish near-term, mid-term, and long-term information security and compliance goals.
• Responsible for security-related awareness and training activities for employees and managers
• Develop the Telenor Connexion as a security conscious company at all levels
• Provide guidance and counsel to the COO and key members of Telenor Connexion’s leadership team on security topics.
• Work with internal staff and outside consultants as appropriate, on security assessments and audits. Provide guidance, evaluation and advocacy on audit responses
• Monitor the Telenor Connexion’s environment in collaboration with Telenor Connexion teams to identify and assess information security risk(s).
• Examine new technologies to ensure they meet information security compliance objectives
• Lead security incident responses, including breach response/notification actions.
• Contribute to all areas of security

• Relevant Master degree or equivalent in information security, information and communication technology, computer science, telecommunication or related field
• Strong knowledge of server, network, storage, telecommunication, and cloud technologies, including how information security relates to those technical domains.
• Knowledge of ISO 27xxx series and other relevant security frameworks
• Experience working in an inter disciplinary team environment, including effective influence management.
• Strong business understanding and experience
• Experience from different fields of expertise can be an advantage
• Audit skills in terms of practice, training or formal certification is an advantage
• Fluent in English, both written and spoken

Personal characteristics:
• Leadership and highly self-directed.
• Ability to not shy away from challenging situations both within the company and externally.
• Team player with initiative and drive.
• Very dynamic self-starter who rises to the occasion when you strive towards high-set goals.
• Effective relationship management, including dispute resolution skills.
• Strong business acumen, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
• Strong attention to detail.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills, and presentation skills, which include the ability to communicate security and risk-related concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences.
• Responsible, reliable and keep your promises.
• Working with tight deadlines.
• This position requires a seasoned professional with both a technical background and a collaborative leadership style that can balance a diverse mix of ‘strategic’, ‘tactical’, and ‘hands on’ tasks.

Application and contact:
If you feel that you have the skills and experience to develop this role to its full potential, please do not hesitate to contact: Robert Bellwaldius at [email protected]
Send your cover letter and CV to the following email address: [email protected]
Placement: Karlskrona or Stockholm
Deadline: The closing date for applications is August 30th, 2019. Recruitment will be ongoing so don’t wait to submit your application.